Friday, March 14, 2008

Tyler Perry, Kathy Bates and Me

A new adventure is about to unfold in my 'career' as a movie extra/actor. About two weeks ago, I applied to be an extra in a new film called "The Family That Preys" starring Kathy Bates, Tyler Perry, Alfrie Woodard and others.

Tyler Perry's personal journey has been featured on Oprah and is a "rags to riches" story with its core being "belief that anything is possible" and "Not to Listen to Naysayers".

A few days after applying for a role as an extra, Tiffany, from Tyler Perry called me and told me about the scene. I would be shooting a scene for a Gala Event. I wasn't sure what that would mean right away. That is, until she called back a few days later to tell me to come to Atlanta to be measured for a tuxedo. Since I live 4 hours away and they were not paying me "Feature Actor" pay, I asked whether I could have an alternative place to be fitted for this "costume". She told me I could do it locally and to call her on Monday with the sizes. So last Sunday, instead of driving to Atlanta, I drove to my local Men's Wearhouse store to be fitted. The salesperson filled out a card with all the measurements and on Monday, I faxed them to Tiffany.

Meanwhile, my friend had just returned from Atlanta from his shoot and told me he was up on a large construction site in high winds for 10 hours of filming. He was cold and his lips were chapped. Tyler Perry was in the scene with him. I thought about the luck of being inside at a Black Tie Gala. Hope the hors d'oeuvres and champagne are good.

I believe 'The Family That Preys" will be out in theatres in October 2008. - "In Your Face"

This week was an amazing media week. A comment I wrote about how to re-energize Starbucks was featured at the top of's new In Your Face page which was added to their home page yesterday. They created this picture.

I also had the opportunity to kick off my new MediaMensch radio show with an interview featuring Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks North America and International and current board member. The show can be found at

In addition, I was introduced to an "experimental" Starbucks drink this week which was a "Mint Chocolate Chip" frappucino. It is not on their menu and tastes exactly like the ice cream. We submitted the idea to Starbucks this week as well and thought they could do a "Green Day" on Earth Day with Green Teas, Green Lattes, and test this new Mint Chocolate Chip Frappucino.