Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kasey Kahne - 50th Anniversary of the Coca Cola 600

Kasey Kahne, and Bruton Smith, Lowes Motor Speedway unveiled the new trophy for the Coca Cola 600.

The Coca Cola 600 is going to be one of the top events of the year in motorsports.

Coca Cola, Speedway Motorsports and NASCAR - Fan Friendly

In these economic times, companies such as Coca Cola, Speedway Motorsports and NASCAR are teaming up more than ever to focus on their core customer, the dedicated race fan. (Top photo of Driver Jeff Burton and Coca Cola Executive)

Over the past few months, Lowes Motor Speedway, the site of the 50th Anniversary of the Coca Cola 600 and the annual million dollar Sprint All Star Race have continued to make fan friendly announcements

Here are some of the things that are being offered to the fans. Some lucky fans are invited to watch the press conferences with the media. For fans attending the race this year Coca Cola unveiled a BBQ event where they are building a 1/4 mile grill in the shape of an oval and inviting any fans with tickets to come to a free BBQ on the friday before the race weekend. Celebrity Chef, Tyler Florence, will be there leading 100 chefs. Imagine inviting 100,000+ people to a BBQ..hats off to Coca Cola and LMS. (Bottom Photo of NASCAR champion driver Jeff Burton serving up hot dog to MediaMensch executive, Andrew Kaplan)

Another change around the economy was Lowes Motor Speedway's creation of a 99 cent value menu. The idea is to make it affordable for the race fans who travel from long distances to still be able to afford the race. This is a critical time for NASCAR and racing. The message is clear and coming down from the leadership of the sport.

So in these economic times, remember who is your customer, who is loyal to you. Loyalty will be the one thing you can count on. It works both ways and the fans can see and feel it. So, Race fans "Start your engines" and head to Charlotte and Lowes MotorSpeedway for the Coca Cola 600 BBQ.