Friday, March 14, 2008

Tyler Perry, Kathy Bates and Me

A new adventure is about to unfold in my 'career' as a movie extra/actor. About two weeks ago, I applied to be an extra in a new film called "The Family That Preys" starring Kathy Bates, Tyler Perry, Alfrie Woodard and others.

Tyler Perry's personal journey has been featured on Oprah and is a "rags to riches" story with its core being "belief that anything is possible" and "Not to Listen to Naysayers".

A few days after applying for a role as an extra, Tiffany, from Tyler Perry called me and told me about the scene. I would be shooting a scene for a Gala Event. I wasn't sure what that would mean right away. That is, until she called back a few days later to tell me to come to Atlanta to be measured for a tuxedo. Since I live 4 hours away and they were not paying me "Feature Actor" pay, I asked whether I could have an alternative place to be fitted for this "costume". She told me I could do it locally and to call her on Monday with the sizes. So last Sunday, instead of driving to Atlanta, I drove to my local Men's Wearhouse store to be fitted. The salesperson filled out a card with all the measurements and on Monday, I faxed them to Tiffany.

Meanwhile, my friend had just returned from Atlanta from his shoot and told me he was up on a large construction site in high winds for 10 hours of filming. He was cold and his lips were chapped. Tyler Perry was in the scene with him. I thought about the luck of being inside at a Black Tie Gala. Hope the hors d'oeuvres and champagne are good.

I believe 'The Family That Preys" will be out in theatres in October 2008.

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