Thursday, January 14, 2010

Social Media Trends in 2010 - Are you Planning or Reacting?

As we enter 2010, Social Media is spreading faster than any technology we have ever seen. MediaMensch Networks currently putting together a series of Social Media events for the Motorsports Industry and are planning events for film and entertainment as well.

Last year, many companies did not plan or budget for social media, nor did they set up a social media strategy. Many reacted and experimented to see what worked with results being mixed. Now organizations will find that it is essential to combine social media with their traditional branding strategies to reach their customers, clients and fans. For example, should the CEO or a celebrity twitter? Should public relations "control" the content? What impact does social media have on current marketing practices? Did you feel it is important enough to budget to get your own ROI - ("Return on Influence")?

Our company, MediaMensch Networks is out there reviewing social media strategies and advising on what tactics may work. Our ability to stay current and provide "out of the box" approaches can lead to new solutions and tactics leveraging social media. MediaMensch's Social Media audits and review are a great way to jumpsstart your social media planning and process.

For more information contact, Andrew Kaplan, or call 704-293-2151. or find the MediaMensch fan page on Facebook.