Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fullest Shortest Day of the Year

Yesterday was the winter solstice, lunar eclipse and the shortest day of the year. I was also one of the most rewarding days for my "accidental actor" journey. My journey continues to bring surprises and new areas which never entered my mind when I started down my journey in the acting world.

Yesterday, I had two new things I had never done before. I worked on an industrial/commerical video for a major financial company in a role of a college professor teaching a class. This time was different as I wan the only actor in the room while they were filming. The director asked me to ad-lib a lecture on a subject I knew well. So I decided to teach a class on entrepreneurship.

In the afternoon, they agency which filmed me in the morning, asked me to be part of a photoshoot for a national real estate company which is a well known brand. I was a real estate agent showing an upscale house to a married couple. This was my first commercial photoshoot and was told the photos may be used for stock photos for print.

Part of this also fits perfectly into my philosophy of life and growth and those which I coach my clients. In order to grow, challenge yourself to "Do two new things a week that you have never done before." Yesterday was one of those days.