Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leatherheads - Blogging and NBC Universal PR/Marketing Strategy

My blogging life actually started with my company blog called At the beginning of 2007, I thought about raising my expertise and profile as a blogger. I set upon a journey to work hard to learn as much about blogging as possible.

At the beginning of the filming of Leatherheads, I decided to work hard to blog about my experience as a first time extra on the set of a major motion picture production. My inspiration came from a blogger and friend named Mindy Roberts who writes The Mommy Blog. Earlier this year, Mindy was invited to CBS for a blogger "press" visit to the set of the "New Adventures of Old Christine. They followed Mindy for the day and videotaped her visit and those of the other bloggers. Much of it was of all the bloggers, but some was specific interviews with Mindy. Soon after her visit, Mindy was presented with a video of her visit.

Wait hold the presses....I just visited her blog today and found this post -called "Scoff if you like, but we made the front page of the wall street journal". This idea was written up on the front page of the WSJ". about the bloggers trip.
Here is a link to the article itself on the WSJ website.

So with this strategy in mind, I am working to see if Universal Studios PR and Marketing folks may be interested in having us blog through the release date on December 7th. I would love to have permission to have the trailer and possibly some film of my experience in leatherheads on my blog. That's my vision.