Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 2 - Leatherheads

Today, I arose after only about 4 hours of sleep last night to arrive on the set at 6 am. We went down to have some breakfast first as I was scheduled for hair and makeup for 6;30 am. Had some oatmeal, eggs and OJ to start off the day.

Day 2 was more settled. After breakfast, I was led over to the costuming tent and my brown jacket and hat were waiting under my #. I arrived back at the holding area around 7 am after some hair and makeup. My makeup was just a closer shave with an electric razor and some sunscreen.

The waredrobe people checked out my attire and fixed it throughout the day. They have been meticulous with detail of the costuming and hair.

The women coming from hair and makeup look stunning and what I consider "geisha-like" with bright red lipstick and a pale flat makeup. Each woman is also wearing a unique hat. I am not sure if these were bought as antiques or reproductions or created by the wardrobe team.

I have settled into a role as a sideline reporter for the Chicago Team. One of the first shots of today had me walking from the 10 yard line to the 40 yard line as the teams entered the field. I was the only one walking up the sidelines during the filming. However it may be far in the background since the cameras were beyond the endzone. Later in the morning I was put at the 40 yard line of the opposing team
There were two of us standing there and 3 cameras, so there is a good chance I am in the shot.

Later we were moved into the stands for some cheering and booing of each of the teams. We then broke for lunch. After word we moved to the other side of the field (actually the Chicago side)...Because I had been in an earlier shot on the other sidelines they asked me and a few others to go up into the stands to be in a fan shot with a few hundred others. The cameras in these scenes were on a track which looked like a ladder laying flat.

We had a great lunch of chicken and fish. Snacks all day looked like a raid on Costco or BJ's with Slimjims, chips, cookies, powdered gatorade, Doritos, etc.
It got extremely hot, so I drank lots of water.

In the afternoon they began to film some of the game scenes. I was not in any of those and spent time with some of my "new" friends as extras and talking with the production crew.

In two days we have spent 24 hours together, so friendships or the feeling of comraderie builds fast. I really am enjoying this journey. time for bed..If I am lucky I will get 5 to 6 hours sleep tonight.