Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scrabulous Innocence - A 2007 Interview with Rajat Agarwalla

In a historical perspective of the Scrabble and Scrabulous controversy..Here is my interview with Rajat Agarwalla in the summer of 2007. As you can see he was passionate about the scrabble community having a better experience than what existed online at the time. I know he spent countless days and nights setting up servers and dealing with crashes..

One interesting part of the article is the copyright disclaimer...You can see clearly, they respected the owners of the Scrabble trademark.


Scrabulous was capturing Lightning in a bottle..it won't happen twice!

Scrabulous was capturing Lightning in a bottle..it won't happen twice!

There is energy in the world that came from the passion of the creators of Scrabulous that you will never duplicate. They poured their passion and personal time into a game THEY grew up playing. They allowed millions to have hours of fun at NO Charge and NO ONE paid them a salary to create the game....Scrabulous was NOT a GAME, it was like capturing lightning in a bottle..to ignite friendships worldwide via games.

I know the story as I contacted them in July 2007.(see scrabulous is fabulous article on my Facebook Enthusiast Blog.)..Why Hasbro did not contact the brothers when their identities were known to all on Facebook. still mystifies....I can only think someone in a corner office is about to lose their job!