Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Flip

At the Coca Cola 600 race ,we had a chance to work with handheld portable HD video camera called The Flip Ultra HD. This camera takes two hours of video and then connects directly to your USB port of your computer to upload video. It is one of the simplest video camera to use.

Video of Jimmy Johnson and Crew Chief Chad Knaus:

We used the camera to capture footage of the race and the press conferences. We also used it as we started a spontaneous marketing campaign for MediaMensch LinktoCharlotte and LinktoMotorsports brands in which people would say "I like LinktoMotorsports" or "I like LinktoCharlotte". We were able to capture Rick Hendrick and NASCAR legend Bobby Allison, plus a few of our LinktoMotorsports members who were in the infield area of the racetrack including one of my founding members.

We also captured video from around the track area and will be editing this for future media. For more information on this camera, you can visit

If you are looking for a great addition to your social media arsenal. This pocket sized camera is a great addition for around $200 retail.