Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creative Crowdsourcing - Cutting Edge Creativity

The journey in electronic communications began back in 1991 when I was advising my clients to adopt a new form of communications called MCI Mail (e-mail). On the heels of the fax revolution, many clients were slow to adopt and adapt. The clients who did saw great savings and a growing increase in productivity. Communications technology has always had the potential to make the world smaller and speed up communications. Now these communications are moving to the next level in a world of exchange of ideas with the masses or what is known as the "crowd".

Crowdsourcing has the ability to create tremendous creative breakthroughs for companies and individuals.

As part of my cutting edge journey in media, marketing and technology, I am working with GeniusRocket to promote this concept and educate marketing executives and entrepreneurs on the benefits of this new process. At GeniusRocket, we are creating amazing viral video content. You can see our case studies in the hall of fame and in the case studies.

We are in good company in seeing this as the vision of the future. One of the other companies in our space is called MoFilm and is also doing amazing work with global brands. In fact, the producer of Titanic and Avatar has actively participated in this crowdsourcing niche promoting this concept to filmmakers.

It is easy to become part of the cutting edge movement as a producer of content or a company who wants to tap into this creative process. At GeniusRocket, we tap into our community with a 'Request for Brilliance' (RFB). Join me in this journey! If you have any questions, I am happy to help you get ready to launch into this new journey.

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Read this really great explanation of your social networking concept very cool :)