Thursday, July 24, 2008

MediaMensch Radio - Marta Tracy - Starring You! and Starmaker TV

Today, is the revival of the MediaMensch radio show on blogtalk radio, after a hiatus, I took to work on the film Blood Done Sign My Name (2009) starring Nate Parker and Ricky Schroeder.

The quality of guests that we have had will continue to provide you with insight into media while providing a look at the journey that brought them there. For many outside the media/entertainment industry, there seems to be a mystery or that question "How did you get started". It is important for those of us that have succeeded to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

I will also be working on my other radio show with a series about Facebook 2.0 (the new interface) and strategies that my clients, colleagues and friends utilize to brand themselves and connect. Using products such as facebook and LinkedIn in a strategic professional fashion can connect you with individuals at the highest levels of success whether measured by money, mental and physical fitness, or spirituality.

Within the last month, I have seen communities which I created an adminster grow tremendously. These include Linkto Motorsports, LinktoCharlotte, and the official Dickinson College alumni group on LinkedIn. Two other cities are launched as well including LinktoSanDiego and LinktoPhoenix. I am looking for partners or individuals in those cities to partner with me on their development.

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