Monday, May 18, 2009

Coach Kaplan Tip - Using Twitter Search to Build Your Contacts

As a social media advisor, I am asked all the time about twitter, its value and its return on the investment in time. Where Twitter may excel is to connect you with a knowledge economy or engage you in conversation.

Many of you have set out to twitter and have collected followers. As your list grows some of the twitter conversation may be of interest (could be about today's news, weather, traffic, sports, philosophy, etc). The question occurs on how to expand the conversation and or how to find experts or media sources that are you there.

One way to do this simply with or without a twitter account set up is to go to

At the screen you can type in key words to search for. You can also use what is called a hashtag or a # sign. If you want to see who is discussing gardening, you can type in #gardening. Want to find others in your home town, type in the name of your city. Try it with or without the hashtag. What this will do is help you find those of similar interest to you. Once you have a twitter account set up (it takes less than 5 minutes). You can then follow and engage in conversation with these people who may be experts to media outlets to others around the world.
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