Thursday, October 02, 2008

A time to Volunteer - Race Playce -

Yesterday was spent around motorsports working on Race Playce, attending a press conference for the NASCAR Hall of Fame and then over to zMax Dragway for evening festivities.

Race Playce is an a heartfelt volunteer effort to build a state of the art playground that is accessible for children in wheelchairs. According to the Parks and Rec website. Race Playce "will be a play area without barriers, accessible for all children regardless of their abilities, a place where all children can play together. The playground was designed by children who worked with a professional designer. It has a NASCAR racing theme with play areas distributed around an oval track."

It is one of the first of its kind in North Carolina. Imagine you are a child in a wheelchair, your friends can go to a playground and go down slides etc. in order to do this you would have to have someone carry you. Well in this playground there is a ramp up to the top of the slide. This playground is being built by approximate 4,000 volunteers from around the community including a large contingent from Bank of America. I arrived on the site and was assigned to a team of six people. Our job was to measure, cut, and install rails along the ramps. We were guided by skilled experts from the community and the parks department.

Perhaps you can use Charlotte, NC as a "role model" for building this type of park in your community.

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