Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ricky Schroeder and Me

Last night I arrived at Charlotte, NC Silver Hammer Studios for the day filming of Blood Done Sign My Name. It was in a new area of Charlotte being developed for the creative community which included the Music Factory. It was a scorching day outside, so it was good that the production was inside. We arrived at around 1:30 pm and met with the costumer who outfitted us for outfits for 1970's church leaders. Our scene to be shot that day would be the Church leaders meeting with the Minister of the Church, played by Ricky Schroeder. Based upon a true story, our scene was depicting the white minister of the town who invited a black minister into his church to speak about race relations. The church leaders do not think it is a good idea and try to dissuade the minister.

Our scene took place inside a "Church Meeting Room" which looked like a conference room. Eleven leaders and the minister sat around the table. I was standing in the back of the room directly facing the minister (Ricky Schroeder). He gave an impassioned speech. This was one of the first scenes which I was involved with that had intense dialogue and close up shots taken by many of the actors in the film.

It was a great learning curve to see how they moved the cameras around to various sides of the table to get the close ups. They shot about 6 different angles moving the cameras each time.

I did get my third haircut from the film It was cut quite short and it was meticulous since we were getting closeups. Also got to wear a very thin1970's era tie which added to the realism.

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Rhonda said...

Hey Andrew,
I may have seen you the past few days on the set and didn't know it was you. I filmed for 3 days in the court room scenes. I've heard amazing buzz surrounding this film. Look for me beside Nate and the other main actors in the court room scenes. I'm about 2 seats beside them. Great job on getting a featured extra role.