Thursday, May 29, 2008

Filming 'Blood Done Sign My Name' and Timothy B. Tyson

Working on getting back on the set for Blood Done Sign My Name (BDSMN). I had the opportunity to be casted as an extra on two different occasions in the last two weeks and did not make it on to the set for shooting. I did have the opportunity to meet the author of the autobiographical book which the movie is based upon, Timothy B. Tyson.

Tim Tyson was very accessible on the day I was on the set. I had the opportunity to discuss book publishing and movie rights for a few minutes with him while on the set.

On the second day on the film, I was cast as a neighbor of the Tysons. I went through hair and makeup and had my hair cut in a southern 70's look. I also was given a shirt by wardrobe which was from the same era.

There is a great feeling on the set and I believe this movie will be well received. Its release date is in 2009.

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