Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Independent Film - Insignificant Others

The last two days, I spent time as an extra working on a film called Insignificant Others. We filmed at the old courthouse building in Charlotte. My roles included a police detective or lawyer, and a police officer in full uniform.

Here is a blurb about this project:

In/Significant Others" is John Schwert's follow up feature to "Among Brothers" (, which played 17 film festivals in 2005-06 and was just featured on Dateline NBC ( Although it's a low-budget project, the script is strong and will be a top-tiered festival piece targeting the 2009 Spirit Awards.

Story line: Blurring the lines between drama, comedy, mystery and crime, In/Significant Others is a modern thriller that voices a unique narrative by trailing an eclectic ensemble cast of characters through their unpredictable daily lives. The film peeks inside personal, intimate moments of these unknowingly-linked character’s lives, including glimpses of drug addiction, stand-up comedy and murder. The character’s parallel storylines converge and we build to the climactic finale with a captivating and visceral series of reveals.

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