Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last Day on Set in Statesville, NC


This photo was taken on my last day of filming of Leatherheads in Statesville, NC. It was an interesting day as only about 25 extras were on set that day. We had a chance to move around and spend time actually talking with crew. Since it was filmed on the street in Statesville some crowds gathered and I was interviewed for the Statesville newspaper.

We took these pictures inside the Stateville Civic Center which was the area called "Extras Holding". This was also where the crew, actors and extras all had our meals.

The costume for this scene is a 1920's athletic club outfit. The costumers custom made my tan pants a few days prior to filming. After being around the set the entire day, only about 8 people were actually brought into the scene.

This was the 2nd day out of ten where I was able to see Renee Zellweger up close.

These are two flappers who were also on set that day in mid May 2007.
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