Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Gospel Hill" Movie - I'm going to a funeral

I got a call today from the casting director (Vince) for Gospel Hill. He told me to bring 4 different outfits mostly casual and possibly a suit. We are going to be in a scene at a funeral. As a "paid" extra, he wanted me to arrive earlier than the "unpaid" extras. I was told all of the stars of the film will be in the scene including Danny Glover, Julia Stiles and Angela Bassett.

This will be my first "night shoot". It will be an interesting experience to see how the lighting and directors will work at night. I googled the directions to the shoot and the place I am to arrive at is down the street from a cemetary, so I imagine that's where it will be shot.

The exciting part is that I had a chance to work with George Clooney, John Kasinski and Renee Zellweger in Leatherheads in April and May and a month later, I am in a role with these other major actors.

Charlotte, NC and South Carolina are now attracting more movie and television production. The Legend of Ricky Bobby was filmed here and the tv show about Nascar Reality racing show called Gillette Young Guns was filmed here at Lowes Motor Speedway. Last year, the movie Cars by Disney made its debut here and Regis and Kelly did a live show from here.


SimzBrazil said...

I'm really excited for you, Andrew!! You are about to have 2 movies filmed and ready to go soon! Good luck tonight at the funeral scene!!

Unknown said...


Congratulations on your "Secret" success. It is definitely your concentration on making things happen along with proper planning.

Can't wait to see the movie. I will be looking for your reaction to Danny's speech.

You should send a viral email out to everyone in your LinkedIn network when the movie comes out and ask them to send it to their network list. Imagine how many people you could get to see the movie. One step further would be to ask people to send emails to the movie company and on boards commenting on your performance.

You could also do a video clip and post it on YouTube talking about your "behind the scenes" movie experience, some acting tips etc.

Best of luck to you.

Leisa Glispy

Andrew Kaplan said... was a lot of fun..Great idea of sending a message to my network.

I put my name in for other days as well. They film until about July 25th.

Leisa -- the viral thing is a great idea like to know more about internetmarketing....

Rhonda said...

Hi Andy,
This is what I posted on my MySpace blog a few days ago.

Yesterday I left work at 4pm so I can be sure to be on the set in Fort Mill, SC on time for my 5:30pm call-time. I got there about 5:20pm. I filled out my photo likeness contract(I won't be paid for anytime they use my picture for the film). Wardrobe came around and looked at my clothes and picked what was the best outfit for the Memorial Scenes we were shooting. Many people work red so my green would stand out.

The rain began and the church which was agent to the food tent was graciously opened for us, we just had to keep it tell that to 300 extras. For two hours I got the change to know a few people: a guy named Hollywood who last week signed with a Charlotte agency(the agency doing the extra casting) and he immediately got put to work and PAID($150 for every 8 hours he filmed). Another person I met was a minister who saw this as his opportunity. He too signed with the same agency and gets paid. The last person I got to know lives near Columbia, but he was represented by an agency in both Charlotte and NY. He's been in Nike and car commericals. As for me I was a volunteer extra. They all said I should get an agent.

We finally ate at 7:30pm at the food tent area(it was still raining, but we had the tent over our heads). I was surprised the actors were there also. I didn't see Angela or Nia at dinner, but saw Julia Stiles(Save the Last Dance) a few people down from me. Danny Glover was walking around smiling. The food was pretty good although many people complained about the tough meat. I liked the baked chicken. It was starting to get too crowded in the tent so I went back into the church.

By 9:30pm the production assistant(PA #4) started selecting people onto the set. By 10:30pm they had snacks ready for everyone else to munch on. By 11:30pm I was wondering if I was ever going to be selected. Finally, at 11:45pm all remaining extras were called to the set. We walked a couple of blocks to the set and it was located in a park. My first scenes was singing This Little Light of Mine with Angela Bassett 20 feet away from me on stage. I was about 2 or 3 rows back from her. At the end she posed for a few seconds for people to take pictures. At first we sung and then afterward only had to mime the words the rest of the time.

After that I had scenes with Julia Stiles, RZA, and Nia Long. Nia Long didn't come until almost 2am, so I wasn't sure once it got to 1:30am if I was going to be in any scenes with her. I was in numereous scenes with her, Julia, and RZA(or what could have been mutiple takes of the same scene, but from different directions)..confusing..we just had to make sure who was next to you during each take for each particular scene. A few people left once it got to 3am so they had to do the best they could to keep with conformality. My scenes were finally over with at 4:15am. Someone beside me yelled out "We love you Nia" and she yelled back "I love you too". She and Julia were so nice and friendly.

I got home at 5:45am and got up for work at 7am. I had to be at work at 8:00am. I was only Fifteen minutes late for work today. Not bad. They have a few more scenes coming up before they wrap up near the end of July.