Saturday, May 05, 2007

Leatherheads - The day before Day 8 - New Costume, New Haircut, New Location

The phone rang again. It was Wednesday,May 2nd. The casting director called to see if I could come up to their offices in Statesville, NC to be cast in a different scene in Greensboro, NC to be filmed the next day. They also called back to ask if I could play a fireman in a scene being filmed a week later.

I told them I could be up at their offices to meet them and get fitted for my new wardrobe. I was given an appointment time of 2:20. I drove up to their offices in an manufacturing complex. I followed the signs into a warehouse door and up the stairs to a casting office. There were 3 casting people working the phones. DJ who had called me earlier the day introduced herself. I had expected to go to wardrobe to get my clothes. To my surprise, at the end of the hall was an office with 5 chairs outside and 4 chairs for hair. Three hairstylists were inside. After waiting outside for about 5 minutes, I was signalled into the third chair. The woman who I believe was named Mary, looked at my hair. I thought I might get a small cleanup, however 15 minutes later she completed my styling...(a complete new haircut -short all around)...We talked about where she was from (Tennessee) and that the 3 of them travel all around doing movie productions..she called herself vagabonds.

After my hair was cut I proceed down the stairs to the wardrobe area. I passed by the wardrobe including a box of muddy football cletes from the Charlotte filming. I walked up to the table and checked in. I was given a new number 5001. I asked if that meant you had 5,000 people in the film and she said they had 5,000 different outfits so far since they begain filming. I told her that I was here to be a fireman for next week. She looked at me and said, I am sorry I don't think you can be a fireman...( mind wandered back to Kindergarten when most boys wanted to be firemen or policemen)..I gave a fake cry. she smiled. I was too big for the firemen outfits they had. We did however get a new wardrobe for being a fan. It was a light brown twill coat and a tain Fedora and a mulitcolored brown, tan and maoon scarf. That was to be my outfit in Greensboro the next day.

After that I drove back home with my new haircut...ready to get ready to start my day at about 4:30 am.

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