Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leatherheads - Day 9 - The Athletic Club Scene

Today we arrived relatively late at 10 am to check in. Today, I am one of about 20 extras who are here to work on the scene in the athletic club. We drive about 50 minutes to Statesville to the Statesville Civic Center. Inside is a large room which is the extras holding area. On each side of the corridor outside the room are the men's changing rooms, women's changing rooms, and hair and makeup.

Today, I am for the first time a real constumed extra from head to toe. I arrive at at wardrobe and see my familiar faces including Ginger who I have worked with since Charlotte. She is an amazing costumer with a great style, sense of fashion and always a smile on her face...(tough to do with all these long days). In my wardrobe I have a "onesie" or scivvy which is a white t-shirt except it also has the pants in it.. You actually step into it to put it on and then bring the top over and button the left strap. I also was given very thin 1920's era vintage socks and a pair of white suede shoes with red rubber soles. I was also given a pair of golden brown sweatpants.

Then we were taken to hair and makeup. A bench was outside the room

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Anonymous said...

what days did you film in statesville? I was an extra the last two days of filming, May 16th and 17th.