Saturday, April 21, 2007

Leatherheads -Lunchtime - The "Cast(e)" System

Each day the extra's are provided breakfast, lunch, snacks and water and gatorade. Our food for lunch is what I would call "upscale cafeteria food". We have salads (regular or caesar), fish, pork, beef stew and chicken (fried, baked or bbq)..We also had fruit salad, mac and cheese, vegetable lasagna and regular lasagna.

We enter the "Extra's holding" each day at appoximately 1 pm depending on how the shooting was that day. The women and children are given priority to enter the building. We wrap around the sidewalk as there are hundreds of us in our 1020's wardrobe. We walk up out of the stadium and find ourselves walking further up a hill and out the gate so we can enter in front.

As we enter the old building, we are in the main hall, the line snaking around. Finally we walk down the stairs and there is a very efficient operation. One of the Production assistants named Michelle is waiting at the bottom of the stairs and letting us move toward the buffet tables at about 10 people at a time. There are 6 tables with actors going down both sides.

We then proceed to the white table clothed tables.

The directors, actors and film crew however on Thursday had chinese food delivered on a cart to the field. Some were carrying out egg rolls. On Friday, Pizza was delivered from fuel pizza.

As far as snacks, we had a smorgasbord of things from one of the warehouse clubs, slim jims, twizzlers, granola bars, pretzels, etc.

The crew had snacks that were a little more upscale at times. There were coolers filled with drinks on the field. Two of them were filled with gatorade, water, coca cola, etc. This was marked in big magic marker "Not for Extras". The other had bottled water. it was marked "Extras".

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