Thursday, April 19, 2007

Leatherheads - Day 4 Fan in the Stands

Arrived on the set at 6:30 for the wardrobe and makeup...yesterday a winter scarf was added to my wardrobe. Every day, I had my hair done and then before I can leave one of the makeup directors checks my face and tells me to "shave closer". There is a table with 3 electric razors. I was told in the 1920's era men shaved close.

Each day I am more impressed with the level of detail that goes into this film to keep it authentic to the 1920's. There is an incredible team of wardrobe people that are on the set each day making sure every single outfit on the extras is authentic an being worn correctly.

One of the things we have to do is "hike up our pants" as men back then had their socks showing and the pants had no breaks in it. The woman on set have the most gorgeous hats...A hat seems to be a very common item for adults and kids in that era.

In the morning we went out to the stadium and sat in the stands as the directors wanted to get audience reaction shots. As one of the production assistants ran up and down the field we practiced our cheers and boos. We also just sat there an looked bored and then restless. I could relate well to this scene as I envisioned being at a Carolina Panthers game (I am a rabid fan..part Panther fan, part NY giant fan) I know how o cheer and boo! and act bored.

Across the field another director and team was filming a scene with Renee Zellweger. All I can say is "She has a good set of lungs".

Later we completed that and I ended up in some shots as a sideline reporter again. We then broke for lunch late today.

In the afternoon, we basically stayed in the holding area. We spent time talking, reading playing cards and waiting to go back out. I signed up to continue as an extra for future shoots after Monday in some other cities such as Winston Salem and Statesville.

Also today a photographer came to "digitize" some of the extras. I lined up in front of a screen while having my arms outstreteched slightly. The photrograper too my picture facing directly at him. The turned us to each side adn took a picture. This digitized version of me may end up in the film (although I am cluesless to what level of detail.

I also want to note today that there are definitely interesting people as extras. I met a woman who runs a company related to Monarch Butterflies, a historian and antique collector, a sports anchorman who does voiceovers,. , and we also killed time with some amateur comedy and singing.

Some musicians came to try out for another scene in the movie and one of the extras did a great job singing some 1950's tune while they played.

We had a nice surprise of a relatively early release today as it started to rain late in the day. As we were waiting for our shuttle bus to take us to our cars, George Clooney walked past looking glad to be done with another day of filming. Some young kids from the movie tried to chase him down before he made it to his trailer.

Off to bed -- 11 pm here. ...have to be on set at 6:30 am again. This continues to be an amazing experience.

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