Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leatherheads - Day 3 - My big "break"

I arrived at 7 am for wardrobe and hair. For most of the day the sky's were overcast and gray, but it was still somewhat warm. Already, there is a bonding going on between cast, crew, directors, extras. This is a very warm and friendly set as I am seeing George Clooney's fun and relaxed but professional imprint on this film.

I grabbed some breakfast and sat with a few of my "new friends". I definitely now am not a "fan", but I am now officially part of the on the field "Press". I spent most of today as a photographer carrying around a camera from the 1920's. The most fun part is being a sideline sports photographer, allowed me to have some freedom to move around as long as my actions were realistic.

Most of the morning was spent in the end zone. I am learning the subtleties of how directors set up the shots. In most cases, I believe we will be just seen as motion and maybe a person walking and or talking in the background.

This was the longest day of filming for me so far. I was out on the field from about 8:30 am to 6 pm with about a 30 minute break for lunch.

The end of the day was the highlight. In the last 90 minutes of the day, I was able to sit behind the directors including George Clooney and watch them set up the "shots" and actually do the filming of one of the major scenes in the movie.

I can't divulge details, however, I will say that the last scene filmed for the day was one in which I was right smack in the scene and many people there think it will be in the final cut of the movie. All I will say is that I was a photographer about a foot behind a team bench. I was paired off with another extra where we had to pantomine talking and where I then started to take photos of some action.

I also had a chance to speak with some of the directors including Ian Calip, who worked on the movie "Rent" and Seabiscuit.

Someone famous said part of being successful is just showing up..Today was one of those days.

Time for sleep now... have to be on the set at 6:30 am.

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reinkefj said...

It would be of interest to hear how this fits into your long term plan. Each day's action has to sync with that plan. So today you weren't just noshing with new friends, "you met and befriended the next Spielburg".

Now you can't say you NEVER get comments. Also, people may not like your jaxter message when they surf in. Especially if they surf at work. Silence is golden unless the user choses to hear you.

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